Must Read: Artists Do Free Promotions Because They Didn’t Know The Value Of Their Talent – Hadiat Says On Naijatopmost Interview

naijatopmost interview

naijatopmost interview

Welcome To Naijatopmost Online Interview Ground, Finally We Meet up With Hadiat O Green Chief Executive Officer & Founder At Hadiat Nation & Music Awards. Concerning The Situation Of The Nigerian Music Industry And Fast Rising Artists. Read Our Conversations Below Because We Couldn’t Show Screenshots Due To Security Reasons.

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Reporter: Welcome to Naijatopmost Online Interview, sir kindly unleash your name for people who are to read this conversations

Guest: Yeah, Welcome you people and fans of Naijatopmost Media, my name is hadiat o green, Founder at Hadiat Nation, The Artist Helping Platform.

Reporter: Hadiat!!!, okay sir firstly can you please shed light on what we called “UPCOMING ARTISTS” sir ?

Hadiat: Humm, Upcoming is a fast rising star artist, In other way nobody is upcoming, There is nothing like upcoming it’s “FAST RISING ARTIST”

Reporter: Fine Thanks, let’s talk about music industry nowadays, what do you have to say on that ?

Hadiat: Okay, what i have to say is that all talented artist should work on their self very well, Not to wait for one recored label. Because once you relent in the music industry. Just know that the artist will not meet up with the movement again. Let’s look at our artist, Assuming they use #5k to produce a single track and you tell the atisit to come and promote the single track with #25k, Industry is very wide and it depends on how you believe yourself.

Reporter: Concerning the music promotion you just mentioned now, Are you clarifying to us that “It’s A Must For Each Artist To Promote Their Track ?”

Hadiat: Yes It’s a must for each artist to promote their track, because if you didn’t blow / became famous in your area, how did you want to make it to the world ?, Music promotion will make you meet a record label that may sign a deal with you as artist.

Reporter: Thanks, For us as a blogger sir, you know there are two type of music promotion

  1. Ordinary Upload
  2. Better Promotion And Hyping

And each of them has advantages, I think you know more on this ? Let’s hear

Hadiat: Yes Like wise, Click show is part of promotion, but mind online promotion is far better also. See Nowadays our talented artist didn’t want to spend too much money on better promotion, cause they believe everything is free. Let’s look at it from this side, when artist used #2k to produce a track and you as a blogger said he/she to come and promote at the rate of #10k, what did you think the artist will do ?


Reporter: Thank you sir, do you believe as normally we say “Free Promotions Won’t Perform Great Impact In A Music career ?”

Hadiat: Absolutely Yes, Yoruba said “OGUN TI ENIYAN O FI OWO SE, EYIN ARO LOHUN GBE”, Free Promotion will not last.

Reporter: Exactly, That why we never advice / announce promotions wth us, when it’s time they will come for it. We are also paying heavily for host, domains and maintenance. Some artist would be like it’s lie.

Hadiat: Yes they didn’t believe that, Because they didn’t know the value of the talent that they have, Music makes the world goes round & music is life

Reporter: Thanks, Sir as a brand and owner at Hadiat Nation, what does hadiat nation offers to fast rising artist that knows the value of their talents.

Hadiat: In Hadiat Nation, we know the real value of each talented artist because we are togetherness for progress, in hadiat nation, we organise click show, Club Tour, Radio Tour and we use to support any artist that comes for help. And we are Thanking God for being there for us, By doing this also we have won some award for it.

Reporter: kindly analyze some of the awards you collected


First Award as best promoter for zenith music Entertainment, second award as best show organizer from alayaki record label, And lot more, we are located in ibadan, Oyo state. Also Hadiat Nation was awarded the youngest promoter of the year. Also hadiat nation is an organizer of IBADAN EMINENT AWARD and OSUN IKOYI CELEBRITY HANGOUT

Reporter: When does hadiat nation festival comes up each year ?

Hadiat: Hadiat Nation Festival comes up on November each year

Reporter: Cool, Sir do you have any other brand supporting you ? Unleash to us please

Hadiat: Nobody is supporting us yet but we thank God we are moving.

Reporter: Okay, Thanks once more and again, we are very happy and pleased to have you here on Naijatopmost Online Interview, Higher you go sir, Higher you go Hadiat Nation. Thanks for reciprocating.

Hadiat: Amen, Big Thanks to Naijatopmost

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